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IPTimestampRatingComment 12:56:28.723778+003Sonia, YUM! I love pasta with chicken and aflerdo sauce, especially when fresh mushrooms are added.I wish there was a way I could send you some of our fruit. Does your country have any fruit you get that does not cost so much? I would love to know.
mauritius.fotonsoft.hu2015-01-20 09:07:15.227782+003Hi Sonia, thank you for being so sweet about my blog on canning and eiehytrvng else. I just started typing what I did for the day and can not believe how long the blog became. I think I think I am just as shocked that you found the time to look at it. Thank you for that =). I hope you are doing well.You know, I have never heard of fruit calle rambutan or mangosteen before. Thank you for posting the link.
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