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 Serve with boiled rice. Serve with boiled rice.
 +You can vary the amount of beans / meat depending how carnivore you are. I tend to use even more than the 500g of kidney beans, but that is a matter of taste. Some people use minced beef instead of the beef chunks, which I don't like, as it makes it more into a soupy thing. But everyone to their own taste!
 +===== Preserving =====
 +You can of course freeze this, but it's also ideal for canning. Fill into 500ml Kilner Jars, and put for 75 minutes into a pressure cooker. This will preserve your chili for months or even years. Be very careful, if the lids pop or bulge, do not consume under any circumstances. Don't even taste the tiniest amount to check, botulism is pretty deadly.
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