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 |5g|10g|sugar| |5g|10g|sugar|
 |5g|10g|salt| |5g|10g|salt|
-|3|6|eggs|+|3|6|eggs, separated|
 |130ml|300ml|sour cream| |130ml|300ml|sour cream|
-|250ml|550ml|milk|+|250ml|550ml|milk ​<-- use a lot less to get a fairly solid batter|
 |110g|250g|melted,​ clarified butter| |110g|250g|melted,​ clarified butter|
 +Sift the flour and combine with the rest of the dry ingredients.\\
 +Add egg yolks, sour cream and milk. Beat until well combined.\\
 +Let the mixture prove for at least 2 hours.\\
 +Then whisk the egg whites until they foam, but aren't stiff. They should have roughly the same consistency as the proved mixture.\\
 +Fold the egg whites under the proved mixture.\\
 +Heat a frying pan and add some clarified butter. You can use 70mm rings if you want uniform blinis. Use roughly 40ml of mixture per blini. Fry on one side until bubbles at the top top and then turn over. Test on first blini if thoroughly cooked.
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