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 ====== Recipes ====== ====== Recipes ======
-This is my recipe Wiki.+This is my recipe Wiki. There are a few recipes that I have taken from somewhere else - you will find the credit at the top of those pages. Otherwise, these recipes have been developed by myself. If you want to copy them, please give me credit with a link.
 My main cooking site is [[http://​|here]]. My main cooking site is [[http://​|here]].
 +===== Starters =====
 +[[recipes:​starters:​thai_sui_mei|Thai Sui-Mei (Pork and Prawn Dumplings)]]\\
 ===== Mains ===== ===== Mains =====
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 [[recipes:​mains:​beef_ale_pie|Beef and Ale Pie]]\\ [[recipes:​mains:​beef_ale_pie|Beef and Ale Pie]]\\
 [[recipes:​mains:​chickpeas_chorizo|Chickpeas and Chorizo]]\\ [[recipes:​mains:​chickpeas_chorizo|Chickpeas and Chorizo]]\\
-[[recipes:​mains:​rabbit_stew|Rabbit Stew]]\\+[[recipes:​mains:​chicken_satay|Chicken Satay]]\\ 
 +===== Vegan Mains ===== 
 +[[recipes:​mains:​chickpea_roast|Chickpea Roast]]\\ 
 +[[recipes:​sides:​lentil_dahl|Lentil Dahl]]\\
 ===== Soups ===== ===== Soups =====
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 [[recipes:​sides:​yorkshire_puddings|Yorkshire Puddings]]\\ [[recipes:​sides:​yorkshire_puddings|Yorkshire Puddings]]\\
-[[recipes:​sides:​lentil_dahl|Lentil Dahl]]\\ 
 [[recipes:​sides:​tsatsiki|Tsatsiki]]\\ [[recipes:​sides:​tsatsiki|Tsatsiki]]\\
 [[recipes:​sides:​blini|Blini]]\\ [[recipes:​sides:​blini|Blini]]\\
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 [[recipes:​sweets:​eclairs|Eclairs]]\\ [[recipes:​sweets:​eclairs|Eclairs]]\\
-===== Savoury ​Baking =====+===== Sourdough ​Baking =====
 [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_bread|Sourdough Bread]]\\ [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_bread|Sourdough Bread]]\\
 +[[recipes:​other:​simple_white_sourdough_bread|Simple White Tartine Sourdough Bread (use this if you are looking for a straightforward simple sourdough recipe)]]\\
 +[[recipes:​other:​recycled_sourdough_bread|Recycled Sourdough Bread]]\\
 [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_pancakes|Sourdough Pancakes]]\\ [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_pancakes|Sourdough Pancakes]]\\
 +===== Savoury Baking =====
 [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_brezeln|Brezeln - Pretzels]]\\ [[recipes:​other:​sourdough_brezeln|Brezeln - Pretzels]]\\
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