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IPTimestampRatingComment 09:47:54.149529+003Holy moly, I think I just got a twitch from wanintg that so badly.Fortunately when I get home I'm totally going to hit that. I have one beautiful tomato left from my last farmers market visit and basil in my garden!! 00:52:23.033297+009Well done, clear pictures, and directions. Also, it has flavor, there are other ways to dress it up, but your's is the best place to start. 08:33:25.205229+0010how much is the kilo for green leaf salad 00:35:44.912815+0010What area does squid salad known for? 10:26:46.83376+014 12:14:36.473319+0110hi 09:45:42.878912+0110
111-220-222-118.wbroadband.net.au2012-04-18 09:21:27.853274+0110I tried this with fresh scallops(cook them exactly the same) & I think they might be a 10 1/2. I'm keen on someone else trying it & see what they think?
host109-153-14-239.range109-153.btcentralplus.com2012-04-01 23:31:44.894676+0110Delicious. Good clear instructions easily followed. You can also use prawns and as my husband won't eat anything other than Cod, it is also delicious with strips of Cod. Many thanks.
cpc2-dals3-0-0-cust714.hari.cable.virginmedia.com2011-12-27 11:34:57.835937+0010
t23374.phone.coop2011-09-08 10:03:01.184635+0110will try tonight - thanks 13:13:26.88679+0110I read this and immediately went out and bought the ingrediants. Looking forward to tomorrows lunch! 18:37:42.55799+018looks good can't wiat to try! :)
cache-los-ac10.proxy.aol.com2009-11-29 12:30:16.606414+0010Another winner - can you show us how to cook game?
93-96-144-119.zone4.bethere.co.uk2009-10-20 14:22:52.593939+0110 10:39:48.360312+0110i will add vinegar after i finish the salad yummyyyyyyy 100 points addedd for you =]
rrba-ip-pcache-6-vif0.telkom-ipnet.co.za2008-09-19 08:04:27.037178+0110 07:28:27.091382+019Excellent presentation, suitable for dummies, and looks delectable.
host81-157-83-69.range81-157.btcentralplus.com2008-05-27 15:46:31.929259+019great delicious exactly what I wa slooking for! but the pictures didn't come up on my computer
arr108.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl2008-04-29 18:54:55.738556+0110 16:20:54.960981+0110do you have a tv show. should do. like the way you put things together. give us more. reminder> stay away from zoe. mairead christine. 10 stars
whc-minimac.pdn.cam.ac.uk2007-07-10 15:19:00.499907+0110It looks lovely, fresh and quick - I'll have it tonight!
ool-4571cf60.dyn.optonline.net2007-01-03 17:29:10.971817+0010 12:03:02.453489+0010had this for dinner tonight - was REALLY good!! thanks!
mailgate.gemini-corrosion.co.uk2006-11-09 13:37:07.861671+0010LOVE squid so I will give this ago tonight
ool-44c0b5f9.dyn.optonline.net2006-11-01 21:57:24.243233+008
88-106-186-95.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com2006-10-15 13:00:56.305799+0110Still using your recipes Sara 14:16:12.680285+0110I cant wait to make it for my family, i ate loadsa squid whilst travelling and my family were all freaked out, but they'll love it once they try it! :D
ool-457d2133.dyn.optonline.net2006-06-10 21:26:48.740779+0110
adsl-12-39-154.jan.bellsouth.net2005-11-18 04:12:16+0010 09:53:03+0110Beautiful! It looks delicious
dsl-80-43-14-233.access.as9105.com2005-04-14 16:09:59+019I think that I will stick to Fish and Chips - Having said that, the salad looks ok
c211-28-165-34.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au2005-04-09 06:41:33+0110it looks yuck but hey 13:59:01+0010
host217-44-21-55.range217-44.btcentralplus.com2004-12-03 19:53:27+008nice one!
cache-loh-ac04.proxy.aol.com2004-05-09 11:56:51+0110Good photographs
mail.dc.state.fl.us2004-03-24 13:59:27+0010
webcacheB08a.cache.pol.co.uk2004-03-05 09:44:04+0010
dup-148-221-13-101.prodigy.net.mx2004-02-13 15:38:33+009Great page! If you could write more details about how to clean the squids (around here I only get fresh squids, not frozen).
66-136-109-2.ded.swbell.net2004-02-10 15:39:12+0010
HSE-Ottawa-ppp325921.sympatico.ca2004-01-31 12:17:20+008Beautiful! It looks delicious, however, I wish there was a printer friendly version also.
ma-leema-cadent1-grp1a-b-2.bur.adelphia.net.233.171.68.in-addr.arpa2004-01-19 17:51:29+0010 16:25:35+006 10:51:54+0010
par050-19023-net-adsl-01.altohiway.com2003-10-14 10:52:00+0110
81-178-230-36.dsl.pipex.com2003-10-10 12:06:16+0110
fl-edel-u1-c5a-156.pbc.adelphia.net2003-10-03 21:22:07+0110
cache-loh-ab04.proxy.aol.com2003-09-26 12:17:54+017
host81-128-126-234.in-addr.btopenworld.com2003-09-10 08:38:43+019
adsl-66-122-72-34.dsl.snlo01.pacbell.net2003-09-07 01:18:57+0110