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ti0071a400-3321.bb.online.no2016-12-15 17:14:45.992458+007
ANantes-651-1-49-net.w2-0.abo.wanadoo.fr2016-11-11 11:43:13.945341+0010
n29-05-07.opera-mini.net2016-09-03 15:22:17.859684+018it awesome I enjoy trying with the pictures included it's gr8
cpe-76-174-241-56.socal.res.rr.com2016-06-08 01:43:39.464964+012Sickly sweet, beehive 18:22:59.080361+0110
5ac02272.bb.sky.com2016-02-17 19:49:36.885887+005does the water have to be boiling?
135-23-148-152.cpe.pppoe.ca2016-01-28 01:18:53.366507+0010
238.201-252-62.static.virginmediabusiness.co.uk2016-01-02 21:38:39.333338+008 06:50:10.712748+0010 09:42:49.358899+009waoh !!! its amazing so easy to understand ....the pictures makes them awesome 06:17:23.377546+0110 00:16:10.692287+018It's really nice but I've tried it with my anty maybe she does not know how to do it but it smelled like egg when we finished but I will try this one again
65-110-208-251.cpe.pppoe.ca2015-08-16 05:53:43.648325+0110
60-241-21-71.static.tpgi.com.au2015-07-18 14:33:41.269546+0110thank you it is delicious and made it easy with pictures 18:37:29.215226+0110
5e0f711e.bb.sky.com2015-06-04 16:35:29.250498+0110 05:47:03.928893+011010
z81-16.opera-mini.net2015-04-02 15:26:39.103564+0110 wow nice cream caramel
host-92-29-132-31.as13285.net2015-02-28 19:15:24.79571+009Great nice and easy, but make yours in 4 cups and make twice the caramel thanks
host- 06:50:47.446759+0010 12:28:41.677991+0010
50-88-145-192.res.bhn.net2015-02-04 16:43:13.950462+0010this is amazing! thank you soo much 13:33:40.148515+005YOUR caramal looks overcooked... my cream caramal do not have all the holes around the bottom.. you oven must of been t6o high..
118-93-166-178.dsl.dyn.ihug.co.nz2014-08-19 06:39:08.766637+015I rated a 5 because it looks like a good recipe but I have not made and tasted it
85-210-16-61.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com2013-11-01 06:35:41.025573+0010
host86-186-34-46.range86-186.btcentralplus.com2013-09-07 14:48:45.991811+0110I used half the amount of sugar and it was still disgustingly sweet. Was 125gms an error. So disappointing. 15:59:04.772143+0110It's so nice I tried it and you made it more simpler with the pictures
5ad416a8.bb.sky.com2013-08-26 18:53:26.222061+017As someone already said: not enough caramel
93-186-23-97.rdns.blackberry.net2013-08-03 21:55:29.762545+0110Thank you so much,this really helps 15:15:50.100538+0110Thank you, the picture makes it easier. 02:02:04.385536+0110 13:54:02.412369+0110 Im enjoy with nice photo and easy way to make cream caramel thanks
proxy43.messagelabs.net2013-03-25 13:16:09.486174+008this was really tast good,, i tried it in school and i'm going to used this in my write-up coursework. 16:57:44.134108+008
d67-193-142-242.home3.cgocable.net2013-02-12 02:26:02.429684+0010Really good and simple. Not too sweet if sugar is reduced by a tablespoon. Most recipes have too much caramel, but the amount called for this recipe is perfect!
122-149-98-81.static.dsl.dodo.com.au2013-02-11 05:41:08.256243+0010 08:47:56.997328+0010 05:49:03.731898+004 20:53:57.144514+0010Im enjoy with nice photo and easy way to explain how to make nice item
61-106-109-203.static.youbroadband.in2012-12-23 15:56:18.763958+0010
5ac8b885.bb.sky.com2012-11-27 17:04:18.464531+0010 18:52:40.180001+0010Step by step instructions was easy to follow, I really enjoyed this dessert & got it right first time  would recommend anyone to give it a go, can't go wrong
unitel.com.la2012-11-02 15:12:25.418456+0010Good the picture is good
c114-77-200-101.rivrw3.nsw.optusnet.com.au2012-10-29 11:13:42.065843+005meh. great instructions. pictures were pretty good. The overall thing tasted... meh. 15:40:19.93835+0010thank you
93-186-23-83.rdns.blackberry.net2012-10-28 15:32:53.185525+0010
smtp.roussi.net2012-10-25 21:03:43.101217+0110 08:15:51.132759+0110i tried it, following the steps and having the pictures as a guide and it was really nice .... 23:01:12.693945+0110
adsl37-108.cshore.com2012-10-08 18:13:02.529085+0110this is the perfect recipe! easy and "a point" I made it zillions of time and it always work. Do not complicate things is my motto!
93-97-160-57.zone5.bethere.co.uk2012-10-05 02:33:37.387727+0110Had made it in a big bowl today and cooking time was an hour will try when I get back from work looks good
adsl-46-35-77-236.dynamic.yemennet.ye2012-09-30 15:55:01.01467+018why i buy ready one while it can be don simply , i will do it immediately after i have seen your picture 13:03:27.288802+0110 11:59:43.729294+018very simple and good recipe 11:59:41.184607+018very simple and good recipe
dhcp-077-251-116-136.chello.nl2012-09-21 15:16:32.123634+0110
webcache-02.segfl.ifl.net2012-09-20 09:26:53.596773+015I think this is a good recipe but how long does it take over all? and can i leave it in the fridge for longer than 24 hours? and how long does it keep for? 08:59:32.147222+0110
host109-148-9-221.range109-148.btcentralplus.com2012-09-16 12:06:50.144674+0110
h69-129-213-240.qrtzaz.dsl.dynamic.tds.net2012-09-11 02:22:43.597016+015thats what we called flan not creme caramel 15:14:05.149432+0110
5ac9883c.bb.sky.com2012-09-03 22:10:40.944433+0110// 12:02:00.711749+0110LOVELY!!! CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF IT CAAN BE MADE IN A ONE BIG BOWL INSTEAD OF 6 INDIVIDUAL CUPS? 12:02:00.498604+0110LOVELY!!! CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF IT CAAN BE MADE IN A ONE BIG BOWL INSTEAD OF 6 INDIVIDUAL CUPS? 10:30:06.006603+019 12:09:40.819698+0110omg!!!!! this looks amazing > . < love love love
cpc4-perr12-2-0-cust426.perr.cable.virginmedia.com2012-08-19 22:02:02.949738+0110 03:57:29.080268+016 try to show a perfect one with no holes in it ! well Im a beginner.thanks for the directions. 14:29:37.784694+0110yummy 09:56:16.090008+012not very detailed and not a very clear direction. 13:48:21.491435+0110Very easy and the photos are so lovely x 09:25:48.256319+0110 07:44:57.924541+0110Thanks for making it easy, will definitely try this 16:41:43.940937+0110Very very nice
112-79-36-90.live.vodafone.in2012-07-28 16:34:00.008576+019Good photos. Makes it easier though I have not tried it yet. The recipe I have is very poor. Rated 9
ANantes-652-1-240-76.w2-9.abo.wanadoo.fr2012-07-24 09:55:00.772717+0110I love it with the bubbles, and I think the idea of adding mandarin peel is something to try! Merci! 09:02:35.05052+0110yummy! 21:29:14.672445+0110It's so easy . Love it ! 10:31:48.656984+0110
93-186-23-82.rdns.blackberry.net2012-07-06 02:51:53.281295+0110Best how-to make recipe I have read yet! Kudos!
wblv-ip-pcache-5-vif1.telkom-ipnet.co.za2012-06-23 18:08:12.276941+018I haven't made the creme caramel yet, and this is my second comment. (My first is right below this one where I gave the page a 9.) Must I allow the the caramel to harden before adding the creme?
rrba-ip-pcache-5-vif1.telkom-ipnet.co.za2012-06-23 18:01:24.287227+019Good photographs and demonstration, but beginners should be shown how to "turn out" the creme caramel onto a plate.
85-211-28-79.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com2012-06-14 15:35:58.433522+0110tried this recipe today, BUT now gotta wait 24hrs to taste :-(
02dddab5.bb.sky.com2012-06-02 22:43:32.934444+0110WOW!!!! DELICIOUS! :D
cpc1-pres2-0-0-cust873.pres.cable.virginmedia.com2012-05-29 16:30:06.575732+0110 06:43:31.203356+0110wow 12:05:24.984672+0110OMG!!!!!!!!!This looks so yummy and so easy to make!
ppp118-209-117-26.lns20.mel4.internode.on.net2012-05-11 13:48:32.463912+0110Creme caramel is easy to make anyway, but the procedure and proportions here for the custard are spot on. I like to use a combination of milk and cream (about a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio): simply reduce the quantity of milk by however much cream you're using.
nameless.gol.net.gy2012-05-10 16:52:28.216063+0110a wesome
cpc21-haye17-2-0-cust118.17-4.cable.virginmedia.com2012-05-08 00:44:31.253079+0110 17:59:15.353079+0110no ' 18:44:26.954875+0110nice idea of adding step by step photes.i tryed it n it was soooo sweet. 19:25:53.601639+0110i like them from the begininng 14:17:46.602142+016NICE 09:13:12.835502+0110
s35-08.opera-mini.net2012-04-14 17:17:15.034442+018
dynamic.vdc.vn2012-04-02 09:49:44.838266+0110
ppp118-208-219-139.lns20.hba1.internode.on.net2012-03-22 23:38:44.43399+008Nice recipe but not nearly enough caramel.
dsl-sp-81-140-11-157.in-addr.broadbandscope.com2012-03-16 20:04:11.922151+007More instructions on how to do the caramel would be good, I found there was not enough, I had to add more. Also be careful not to pour the custard to quickly over the caramel as it will create a mould in the caramel. Otherwise good recipe! Thank you
host86-166-23-68.range86-166.btcentralplus.com2012-03-11 12:07:13.983873+0010
host-92-23-153-8.as13285.net2012-02-26 21:37:16.260292+0010I make baked egg custards, but my husband keeps asking me to make crem'e caramel but I have never been able to find a recipe, now I am going to give it a try.Frances Unsworth 10:38:39.529444+003youve got bubbles and cooked it too high i think :P
c90149.upc-c.chello.nl2012-01-05 19:38:34.020227+009This is some feedback from a 15 year old boy who likes to improvise: By adding some mantarine peel and some mantarine juice to the milk as it heats up you get an extremely good variation of the traditional French Creme Caramel. Although this recipe is superb as well!
cpc4-ware5-2-0-cust204.9-1.cable.virginmedia.com2011-12-11 16:55:42.113006+0010
host-92-25-132-163.as13285.net2011-12-02 16:21:57.075997+0010It really helped me to learn how to make one before I was rubbish
cpc25-wolv14-2-0-cust90.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com2011-11-18 22:02:36.233046+0010nice well informed recipe
cpe-105708.ip.primehome.com2011-09-26 17:13:14.348558+0110thank you
ppp-70-253-73-160.dsl.austtx.swbell.net2011-09-18 02:38:35.19919+0110yes, much like flan, but looks better! 12:02:07.090922+0110this is the same as the leche flan we have her, but it looks so yummy...i will surely love this... 10:14:11.926537+0110i dont like it
proxy. 08:32:14.773748+017
n112119108200.netvigator.com2011-07-02 12:32:27.059218+0110Thanks for a great recipe and photos. The creme caramel tastes great but my caramel was solid and stuck to the bottom of the ramekin. Is this normal? What can I do so the caramel is liquid when it's time to eat? 01:23:23.707049+0110look very nice
CPE0026f3271698-CM0026f3271695.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com2011-06-28 01:59:41.359472+019very easy and right direction. Not enough caramel for me, though.
ABTS-North-Dynamic- 10:40:14.905136+0110well instructed I will also try
88-97-50-2.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk2011-06-05 17:39:46.543754+0110
wblv-ip-pcache-5-vif0.telkom-ipnet.co.za2011-05-26 16:31:51.398412+015Good! However to obtain maximum smoothness with zero bubbles in the cream caramel, bake in a tray of hot water. (Elaine of SA)
cpc2-chap1-0-0-cust1259.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com2011-05-15 16:12:57.994352+0110
host-92-12-30-219.as43234.net2011-05-02 22:08:09.871278+019
5e0f20ef.bb.sky.com2011-04-25 13:38:19.706788+0110brill going to use the recipe for my cooking lesson thanks
94.Red-80-38-187.staticIP.rima-tde.net2011-02-27 08:46:51.940186+0010Great recipe - easy to follow and lovely to eat 17:05:08.551003+0010i like the idea of photo's it makes the recipe so much easier, cant wait to try them. 18:34:28.630156+0010
86-46-155-133-dynamic.b-ras1.rtd.sligo.eircom.net2010-08-22 14:59:18.25849+0110had forgotten how good these are, thanks!
cpc2-king3-0-0-cust738.perr.cable.virginmedia.com2010-08-11 17:36:00.353065+0110thank u so much
5e060b38.bb.sky.com2010-07-31 11:19:00.705845+0110
88-108-46-44.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com2010-07-04 21:08:05.325932+0110
inetgw-69-sec.nhs.uk2010-06-23 13:26:43.896691+0110great idea having photos - I can't wait to try this.
host81-151-143-153.range81-151.btcentralplus.com2010-06-13 22:02:38.692995+017 19:43:41.418756+018
host217-42-55-104.range217-42.btcentralplus.com2010-04-14 17:53:33.512873+0110Thank you so much for the step-by-step guide, although I think I am a good cook, it's something I have never done, and as I have been asked to do this dish, I want to do the best I can!! 21:30:23.663116+0110i love creme caramel and cant wait to try this recipe, my uncle had a bed and breakfast and always had these in the fridge, when i visited the coast has a kid i always went to his fridge for them,
cpc2-sgyl6-0-0-cust22.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com2010-03-17 16:51:45.175155+0010This is my husbands favourite.I has been soooo easy to make.THANK YOU 17:29:48.031546+0010
5ac22619.bb.sky.com2010-01-06 14:44:00.773714+0010
host86-136-104-5.range86-136.btcentralplus.com2009-12-05 17:57:39.564761+009
AToulon-256-1-29-183.w86-216.abo.wanadoo.fr2009-11-30 18:42:03.356737+0010
customer3294.pool1.unallocated-107-0.orangehomedsl.co.uk2009-11-25 16:46:17.777603+0010very nice!! very easy to follow and they tasted great! YUM YUM!
mail.mebih.gov.hu2009-11-18 12:34:23.25092+009
genkt-049-048.t-mobile.co.uk2009-11-05 21:09:25.466716+0010very yummy however the caramel has a bitter taste from overcooking it. My fault, but it was first time so i didn't expect perfection. yeah, where is the photo?
host86-166-164-116.range86-166.btcentralplus.com2009-10-10 13:23:57.27037+0110
mail.est.co.uk2009-09-30 16:11:19.947019+0110You must have eaten them by now, where's the photo? :P
host81-141-101-229.wlms-broadband.com2009-09-21 17:40:14.124508+0110
70-41-247-20.cust.wildblue.net2009-09-20 00:05:14.553144+019
5ac51345.bb.sky.com2009-09-18 22:26:56.790013+015I am a novice cook. I shall return to amend my rating - after my attempt to follow the recipe has been executed and devoured. H Farley, Kent
82-38-146-44.cable.ubr01.roth.blueyonder.co.uk2009-09-14 13:47:05.80873+0110THE BEST RECIPE FOR CREME CARAMEL I HAVE EVER USED !!!!! TOTALLY FOOL PROOF AND DELICIOUS
37-adsl.ntc.net.np2009-09-01 11:31:22.227319+0110
lvsb-lan.cs.149.static.vsnl.net.in2009-08-31 13:56:25.775903+018
82-35-241-82.cable.ubr01.enfi.blueyonder.co.uk2009-08-23 09:39:53.299306+0110
82-32-67-164.cable.ubr01.bath.blueyonder.co.uk2009-08-15 10:46:29.200171+0110
user-54458cc5.lns1-c13.telh.dsl.pol.co.uk2009-08-03 12:16:24.524737+019very good my creme caramels came out perfect
41-208-11-176.mtnns.net2009-04-02 06:21:59.205776+017
123-243-79-55.tpgi.com.au2009-03-20 00:25:04.980491+005