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 [[recipes:​sides:​gnocchi|Gnocchi]]\\ [[recipes:​sides:​gnocchi|Gnocchi]]\\
 ===== Sweet Stuff ===== ===== Sweet Stuff =====
 +[[recipes:​sweets:​vegan_cinnamon_buns|Vegan Cinnamon Buns]]\\
 [[recipes:​sweets:​upside_down_apple_cake|Upside-down apple cake]]\\ [[recipes:​sweets:​upside_down_apple_cake|Upside-down apple cake]]\\
 [[recipes:​sweets:​sponge|Quick-mix Sponge Cake (and chocolate cake)]]\\ [[recipes:​sweets:​sponge|Quick-mix Sponge Cake (and chocolate cake)]]\\
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