Some thoughts on cooking

Firstly, please don't take offence as the recipes here are really step-by-step - if you know how to cook, please just ignore the bits you already knew. But I have had feedback from children who have managed to cook following the recipes and I think that's well worth other people being a bit annoyed that I show how to chop up an onion...
I really don't want to exclude anyone and if by chance, someone who has never cooked will have a go at one of the recipes, then it was well worth it.

I love cooking - and I love preparing food from fresh ingredients. I do admit to the odd slip of a take-away curry - but apart from that, I do prepare a meal a day - from fresh ingredients. There are some exceptions of tinned / frozen stuff I use:

Spring Greens

Tried and tested

I have also tried all recipes several times and the volumes, weights and cooking times given are accurate and work.

Apart from that, I try to get everything as fresh as I can - so I go food shopping on a daily basis. Not only does that provide the fresh stuff I want, but it also gives me the inspiration on what to cook on the day by looking at the available vegetables & meats.

Full Fat

Full fat yoghurt, milk and cheese - yes please! I don't use any reduced fat products in cooking - the stuff just doesn't taste right. Just eat a bit less.

Feedback and Rating

You can rate each recipe and leave feedback. I will only delete feedback if it contains unacceptable language - otherwise everything is left unmodified as submitted. I do have to take off a fair amount of postings and I find it hard to understand why people leave very insulting remarks - this is just a privately run site to share some recipes, no need to spill your bile here ...

Vegetarians & Vegans

I am not a vegetarian, neither am I a vegan. This site does not list any specifically vegetarian or vegan recipes. I absolutely love the veg boys leaving sour feedback on dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese because it contains meat. If you don't add meat, it's not the dish. Call it what you want, add tofu, but it won't be Bolognese. There are lots of sites for vegetarians, please just go there and don't leave silly feedback.

Salt Phobia

You need a certain level of salt in food if you don't want it to taste bland. Feel free not to add any salt to these recipes, but it won't taste right. Savoury food with a decent taste contains about 0.8 - 1% of salt by weight, and so do my recipes. I'm sure there are lots of web sites catering for the natrium chloride phobic amongst you, so please go there. And don't post comments on this site about the salt content of my recipes.


Alcohol has a boiling point of 72 degrees celsius ... that means if you cook the stuff, it evaporates. The only thing left is the taste of the red wine. Especially in my spaghetti bolognese recipe that simmers for 2 hours ;-) Let's calculate the alcohol content here. 2 hours simmering leaves about 5% of the alcohol in the dish. I add 1 glass of wine (0.15 litres), so we started off with 18 grams of alcohol, of which roughly 1 gram remains after simmering. The total mass of the cooked dish is around 1300 grams, so we will have an alcohol content of 0.07%. Fruit juice can have up to 0.1% of alcohol. If you feel that you still shouldn't use wine in cooking, how about just not adding the wine? This is not a web site for cooking that caters for any specific belief system. If you feel offended, how about searching google for recipes that suit your beliefs?

Spaghetti Basil
Salt Spaghetti

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10spot on food no nonsence easy to follow well done.
10I was looking for new recipes for Haddock and came across your Haddock pie. I made this for dinner tonight and my wife and I just loved it. I will try the fish cakes next. Thanks
10I love your approach, attitude and desire for good cooking - whatever the ingredients. If it tastes good that's all that matters.
10Love your attitude to the detail you provide, as you say not everyone can cook. And yes if I want vegetarian, as I usually do, there are plenty of sites. I love your recipes.
9Refreshing. I'd give you a ten but the ten wouldn't show up, so all I can do is a 9. But it's really a ten!
10Thank you so much. Love you site.
8It sounds straight forward to me but I am sure you have people still putting their niggles of salt alcohol and beliefs on here. I want a good web site that will help both my son and myself to become better home cooks with a variety of dishes to suit mood, taste and pocket. Looking forward to getting started. :)
10so goooooooooooooood ....
10Well said on ALL sections of this page. I can cook but at times I just fancy doing something different and so I look to see what ideas & Inspiration you have for me to get going. Thank you so much & keep up the great site, :) Very Happy with it
10Awesome pizza recipe using pizza base
10Came here for the spaetzle recipe. Love the attitude! Love the recipes by weight! Keep it up!
10I've only recently started cooking for myself and this site has been very helpful and easy to follow :) very happy!
10some of the best recipies ive tried out, cant wait for more! :)
10Love the site, your recipes and your comments re negative comments. Makes me laugh as well as satisfies my hunger.
10I am about to begin teaching western style cooking to my Chinese students and I am SO recommending your site to them. The step by step photos will be enormously helpful to them. Thank you.
10I am a man. but I love cooking and love to please my family with well cooked and flavorful meals. Your recipes are so easy to follow and your website is a pleasure to read without the bullshit. Thanks, your like a caring mother to me, when it comes to cooking.Good work.
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10do not know about children I love this site as I have not done any real cooking for years so really like the step by step version
9Love your comments - hysterical. I agree - why should you modify your recipes, surely it is up to the person trying the recipe to change what they don't like. Looking forward to trying a few more of these recipes.
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10all your comments are clear, clever and right!!
10made your spag bol today yummie and very easy - made it for 10 people and it really helped me as to how much ingredients to use as i have only cooked for 4 or 6 people thanks again will definaitly try another of your recipes
10First time on the site, trying the spaghetti bolognese. Not a starter but definately rusty love your format and alcohol and meat
9couldn't be clearer.Cooking is simple. You just have to be shown the right way.
10I stumbled on to your site and I love it! As a single dad with a teen daughter, I am hoping that I can utilize these recipes with her in the kitchen and get her interested in cooking. Oh and by the way, I agree with everything you said about the whiners. See Ya!! Bye Bye!! Just because you choose to eat differently does not mean the rest of us have to modify recipes for you.
10i love your site. It gives me an insight on getting authentic flavour food. Please keep this site alive (:
10Well said. If they don't like it, bugger em, they can google for somewhere else. All the best, cheers. Doc Pom.
10your step by step pictures are so helpful! thank you
10Well said, it is your site and you can post whatever you want to. If people want a salt free, or halal, or vegetarian dish, etc. then they can make the necessary adjustments or just find a recipe that caters to their needs. I have recommended your spag bol on my blog. Not that I have many viewers, lol. but it is there. I love that you can adjust the quantities to suit how many you are catering for. and yes, the detailed instructions and pictures could be considered OTT for experienced cooks, but they are ideal for students and anyone who has not cooked this before.. I like your site, sister, so keep on doing what you do and ignore any negative comments you get.
10Love the ideas and use of ingredients. Is the reflection in the shaker above the ghost of kitchens past or is that you? ps- I think the Scallops were better than the squid :-)
10brilliant site i work with adults with learning dissabilitys and have been looking for a site like this for ages they are able to follow the pictures well done
10You the best nd your method
10Love this site and I agree, if you have objections to any of these recipes on religious grounds, please go elsewhere - personally, I'm offended by the very idea of Halal meat, so I simply avoid the relevant sites!
10Well said. No pandering to aggressive minority groups from whatever quarter. Nice recipes of proper food presented in a way even a novice male cook like me can follow. Looks like I've found the place I've been looking for
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10you are a good person thanks for your help
10You're blog is amaxing! I'm spnish and I have my on blog,,If you are an spanish food lover too now you can cook it in Uk using British products!
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