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MainsSpaghetti Bolognese
BreakfastDrop Scones
MainsBeef Stew
MainsBolognese Sauce
MainsCauliflower Cheese
MainsChili con Carne
MainsFish Cakes
MainsFish Pie
MainsMeatballs (Frikadellen)
MainsPizza Base
MainsPork Roast
MainsRoast Beef
MainsRoast Chicken
MainsSteak and Ale Pie
SaladsSquid Salad
SaladsWhite Sauce with Parsley
SidesHomemade Pasta
SidesPerfect Rice
SidesPotato Croquettes
SidesSpätzle (Spaetzle - German pasta)
SoupsBroccoli and Stilton Soup
SoupsTomato and Courgette Soup
DessertsApple and Custard Tarte
DessertsCarrot Cake
DessertsCreme Caramel
DessertsTarte Base
VegetablesRoast Vegetables
VegetablesRunner Beans
VegetablesSavoy Cabbage

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10Love this site so easy and simple, step by step pictures are a bonus too. Would also love some new recipes.
10Thank you too:)) I have lost 20lbs so far since January and still have a long way to go. I continue tinellg my self when the scale does not move be happy. When it just one one pound loss be happy because it is one less pound and one step forward to my goal. If I ever gain 1-3lbs I am going to blame it on water retention and work harder that week, lol.
10Hi Christian,Awesome site........Any plans to post some new recipes???
10So glad I found this site! As a "House Husband" at the moment due to the economic climate I'm now doing all of the cooking at home. The site is a real help as not only does it show me what to do to make delicious food for the family, but gives some flexibility with most of the ingredients so that I can make a decision regarding costs (believe me money is tight at the moment). Thank you so much for this site, it's a life saver!.
10this is the best website
10just starting out on cooking,struggling at times,but your step by step guides are invaluable.Thank you so much.
10love this site, hope it goes on and on, its one of the best!
10thank you for your wonderful recipe