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3She may use it, yes. There is really not much of a prbelom in that. However it will not provide her as much flexibility and support for various high impact activities or multidirectional bending of the feet that most training activities require. I cannot overemphasize on the importance of having customers actually USE a training shoe during training workouts as this is the best way for them to actually FEEL the difference. If customers are not much enlightened with the verbal explanation, then I find that this is the best way for them to actually understand what we are talking about )Remember, running shoes are always designed for fast repetitive forward motion.Best if we find out what kind of training activity she does so we can recommend a better training shoe.:)
10&#304 love your page and wanted to ask you to add a facebook page to your web site. Thanks alot Shohreh
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10Both sites 1st class,but, you cant beat a Black Pudding from Bury Market, fresh-hot-served with mustard on a large Barm Cake washed down with Robinsons Bitter.