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5its really help full ....thanks
10thanks a lot for your recipes it really helped with kids showing them step by step how to cook very well done.
10I normally use the ready made bolognese sauce for my spaghetti, but I tried your way and although it took me much longer and a little more expensive, I have to say it also tasted better. Thank you Love your recipes, I'm about to print out onto cards and laminate them for safe keeping.
10thnks for the tip i be make some of the gd food wat i have looked
10Fish pie is amazing!!! Made it for so many people, everyone loved it - def a winner! Really easy to do as well as being v v tasty. Can't wait to try the other recipes - thank you so much!!
8Going to make your Bolognese recipe soon. You might consider building a small light box to light your food, or shoot with natural light. I'm sure the food is very tasty, but the flash lighting does not make it look very appetizing. Otherwise thank you for sharing your cooking talent
10Excellent! i am not good when cooking an also i am learning english and i can say that this web is a big help when it comes to cook everything in a very easy way without stress ,bless you all ,thanks very much.
10ravioli with rlcoth and splnach
10Made the Spaghetti Bolognase for my family and they adored it!!!