Drop Scones

A great breakfast - a bit like American pancakes, but with slightly more substance. Great with butter and jam

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Ingredients for 4

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200 gramsself-raising flour
2 eggsegg (100 grams)
3 tablespoonscaster sugar (40 grams)
3 tablespoonsmelted butter (40 grams)
1/8 teaspoonsalt (0.8 grams)
200 mlsmilk
3/4 teaspoonssunflower oil (4 mls)
Salt content: 0.1% (by weight, not counting salt in other ingredients)
You can leave out the salt and the butter if you want to. More healthy that way, but also a tad more bland :-)


Mix the dry ingredients together. Then mix in the egg, then the milk and melted butter. You want to achieve a creamy consistency close to that of porridge, so you might not want to add all the milk. Stop when the consistency is right. Fry up in a bit of sunflower oil.

In the step-by-step instructions below, I am not using any butter. It's fine to leave it out if you don't want the added calories.

You might need a lot less milk than mentioned in the ingredients list - stop adding milk when you have that porridge-like consistency.

We eat them with butter and jam.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Recipe PhotoSift the dry ingredients together. Put in a mixing bowl and add the egg.
Recipe PhotoMix together until the mixture gets evenly flaky like in this photo.
Recipe PhotoNow slowly add the milk. You have to be careful not to add too much milk as you don't want the mixture to be too liquid.
Recipe PhotoThis is about the right consistency - it should feel like a porridge.
Recipe PhotoHeat up a small amount of sunflower oil in a frying pan (best use a coated pan) and heat it up. When it has reached temperature, drop about 4 tablespoons of the mixture as four "blobs" into the frying pan.
Recipe PhotoWhen the surface of the drop scones develops bubbles that burst (like in this photo), it's time to turn them.
Recipe PhotoFry for 20 to 30 seconds on the other side and they are ready.