Homemade Pasta

If you want to have a totally new pasta feeling, make it yourself. Home made pasta is ready after about 2 minutes cooking and gives you the real "al dente" taste. It's tender but also firm. Italians realy like their pasta. They have stores, that sells "pasta fresca", handmade tagliatelle, ravioli, tortelini, that are made some hours ago and not dried yet. Or "mama" makes it on Sundays.

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450 gramssemolina durum wheat
4 eggsegg (200 grams)
1 1/4 tablespoonwater (20 mls)
Salt content: 0% (by weight, not counting salt in other ingredients)
For Spaghetti, only use water and no egg.


As you can't add liquid after you have made the pasta, it is very important to get the liquid - solid ratio right from the start. The egg and water should weight 43-45% of the weight of the semolina. The water is only used to adjust this ratio - so if you have enough egg, you won't have to add extra water. Or, if your egg already weighs too much (large eggs), take a bit of the egg away.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Recipe PhotoWeigh your semolina durum wheat.
Recipe PhotoWeight the eggs and water together. You should have 43% - 45% of the weight of the semolina.
Recipe PhotoPut the semolina in the food processor or mixer and add the eggs and water.
Recipe PhotoWe just started mixing and the ingredients are starting to combine.
Recipe PhotoAfter about 2 minutes, we have the right consistency.
Recipe PhotoForm the dough into a ball.
Recipe PhotoCover it and let it rest for 5 minutes.
Recipe PhotoFix the pasta maker to your work surface.
Recipe PhotoDivide the dough into two, form two balls and flatten them.
Recipe PhotoTurn pasta maker setting to "1".
Recipe PhotoRoll out the dough.
Recipe PhotoDon't worry about the frayed edges, we'll get there ...
Recipe PhotoFold both sides over to the middle as shown in this photo and roll out again.
Repeat three or four times until your pasta sheet is nearly rectangular.
Recipe PhotoThis is what it should look like.
Recipe PhotoSet your machine to the next position ...
Recipe Photo... and roll out again.
Recipe PhotoRepeat rolling out with the next position of the cylinders, up to number 6 (if you like your tagliatelle firm and a bit "chunky") or number 7 (if you prefer them tender and thinner). The "scarf" gets pretty long. Make sure there is enough room for it and take the folded scarf out from time to time.
Recipe PhotoReady to cut.
Recipe PhotoCut off the end with the back side of a knife.
Recipe PhotoHere, we are cutting tagliatelle.
Recipe PhotoJust before you reach the end of your pasta, hold the tagliatelle with your hand and cut the rest of the sheet.
Recipe PhotoHang the pasta over a broomstick to dry or use it immediately.
Recipe PhotoTake a large saucepan and use 10 x as much water as the weight of the pasta you want to cook.
Recipe PhotoBring the water to a boil and put the pasta into the boiling water and cook for 2 minutes or until "al dente". Don't cook for more than three minutes - fresh pasta is quite delicate.
Recipe PhotoWhen the pasta is done, pour the saucepan out into a colander. Serve immediately.
Recipe PhotoHere with scalopina, jus and chanterelle mushrooms.

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