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MainsSpaghetti Bolognese
BreakfastDrop Scones
MainsBeef Stew
MainsBolognese Sauce
MainsCauliflower Cheese
MainsChili con Carne
MainsFish Cakes
MainsFish Pie
MainsMeatballs (Frikadellen)
MainsPizza Base
MainsPork Roast
MainsRoast Beef
MainsRoast Chicken
MainsSteak and Ale Pie
SaladsSquid Salad
SaladsWhite Sauce with Parsley
SidesHomemade Pasta
SidesPerfect Rice
SidesPotato Croquettes
SidesSpätzle (Spaetzle - German pasta)
SoupsBroccoli and Stilton Soup
SoupsTomato and Courgette Soup
DessertsApple and Custard Tarte
DessertsCarrot Cake
DessertsCreme Caramel
DessertsTarte Base
VegetablesRoast Vegetables
VegetablesRunner Beans
VegetablesSavoy Cabbage

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