Beef Stew

A lovely winter warmer - beef stew with vegetables, pearl barley and lentils

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Ingredients for 4

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800 mlswater
400 gramsbraising steak
2 onionsonion (medium size, 160g each) (300 grams)
2 peppersred pepper (120 grams)
120 mlsred wine
100 gramspuy lentils
100 gramspearl barley
1 carrotcarrot (80 grams)
1 cubestock cube (beef) (10 grams)
2 1/8 teaspoonspaprika (8 grams)
1 1/4 teaspoonhot chili paste (6 grams)
3/4 teaspoonssalt (4 grams)
1 clovefresh garlic (medium size, 3g each) (3 grams)
2 teaspoonsdried oregano (2 grams)
1/4 teaspoonground black pepper (0.8 grams)
2 3/4 tablespoonsolive oil (40 mls)
2 splashesworcester sauce (4 mls)
Salt content: 0.2% (by weight, not counting salt in other ingredients)


Step-by-Step Instructions

Recipe PhotoHere are our ingredients. Coarsely chop the onions and peppers.
Recipe PhotoPeel and cut the carrot (first longitudinal through the middle and then into slices).
Recipe PhotoNow we marinate the beef with some Worcester Sauce ...
Recipe Photo... and a clove or garlic.
Recipe PhotoAdd some salt and pepper and let sit for half an hour.
Recipe PhotoFry the chopped onion in olive oil ...
Recipe Photo... and add the beef once the onions start to change colour.
Recipe PhotoWhen the beef is brown, add the peppers and fry together for another couple of minutes.
Recipe PhotoThen add your glass of wine and water just to barely cover the stew.
Recipe PhotoThis is what is known in gastronomic circles as a beef stock cube :-) - I love the Cameroonian expression "corrige maman" (freely translated as "correct your mum's cooking") for it - and that's what we will add here unless you have beef stock instead of the water...
Recipe Photo... and here comes the water that goes with the stock cube.
Recipe PhotoNow it's time to add the dried spices (salt, pepper, paprika, oregano) ...
Recipe Photo... and the carrot.
Recipe PhotoNow we add the pearl barley,
Recipe Photothe lentils ...
Recipe Photo... and the hot chilli paste if you want a bit of spiciness in your stew - you can leave that out if you'd rather not have it spicy. Put a lid on the saucepan and let the stew stew for two hours (or until the beef is tender). Do stir occasionally - you shouldn't have to add water but if it all gets soaked up by the barley and the lentils, please add some.
Recipe PhotoHere served with some Spätzle.

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5I was told---Before you use / work with Lentils---You have to SOAK them...Is this TRUE...? MY-E-MAIL: Name is: Reg
7I'm pretty sure I have a ripece you'd prefer:Ingredients 1 ribeye steak (8-16 oz)1 can of gravy1 cup beef brothMethod:Mix gravy and broth and bring to boil in sauce panGrill Ribeye until medium rareSlice ribeye into 3/4 inch chunksPut ribeye chunks into warm bowl and pour in broth/gravy mixtureEAT.
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10canned liquid beef broth works well but use less water.
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9Great!! Family love it. Very wholesome
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10or if you want to go old fashioned you could just have water in a saucepen put all your vedgebales and meat in it and then just cook it there you have a old fashioned made stew and none of that stock cube or oxo cub or grazy stuff just water
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10Try tomatoes and cider for stock. Always add mushrooms and mopre garlic. Dumplings and potato wedges as a side dish. Sod the diet!
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9thank you! I had some pearl barley, some stewing steak and a pack of seasonal veg (suede, turnip, carrot, cabbage, celery)and was wondering what to do with them. Found this recipe on the internet and roughly followed it, without the lentils or peppers. NO need for sambal or even the stock cube - the natural flavours of the other ingredients are just perfect. Left it to stew for about 2½ hours. Bloomin´ lovely!!
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