This is a standard vinaigrette - the best salad dressing in my humble opinion

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1 1/4 teaspoonmustard (French, Dijon) (6 grams)
3/4 teaspoonssugar (4 grams)
1/4 teaspoonsalt (2 grams)
1/8 teaspoonground black pepper (0.4 grams)
50 mlsolive oil
1 1/4 tablespoonwhite wine vinegar (20 mls)
Salt content: 2.75% (by weight, not counting salt in other ingredients)
If you want to use balsamic vinegar, use the same amount of vinegar as you use olive oil.


Put the ingredients into a jam jar, close the lid and shake. Alternatively, you can use a blender.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Recipe PhotoUse an old jam jar - pour the olive oil + vinegar into the jar. Add some salt, pepper and a tiny bit of sugar. Add one teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Close the jar and shake it well - finished! Keeps in the fridge for a couple of days if you want to make a bit more.
Recipe PhotoI've added some dill tops here which makes a nice addition.

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8What a GREAT idea! I make my own salad dressing all the time and have never thhugot to do this. Of course Mr. Pepin teaches this trick, he's such a wizard My husband and I watch his show all the time!
10I tried it with the fresh dill tops & substituted the vinegar for fresh lemon juice. Then I poured it over a whole fish( with a few slices in it & wrapped in foil) & baked it. HEAVEN!!!!!!!
10Simple is best and so tasty!
10Wow! Easy and very tasty!!!
10Fantastic! Fantastic!! fantastic!!! Many thanks. Philomena
10basic and brilliant
10So simple, so easy to make and so tasty....mmm!
10great thanks!
10This is excellent, so eay and very very tasty
10i tried this for the first time is by far the most scruptious dressing i have ever tried.
10at last a simple recipe that includes readily available ingredients
10work wonders in my catering test a* wohoooo
10brilliant... made it with 25 ml white wine vinegar and it was amazing... yum yum
10I think it makes your mouth water and when i tried it was a refreshing flavour and it complemented the sharpness of the tomatoes
10Worked great! Recommended !
10vry good i will try this
10this is my fave salad dressing!
10Great. Instead of salt, try a crushed caper, for something different. Might try anchovy next time as well.
10Great! So easy to make for those of us who aren't whiz's in the kitchen!
9Excellent. Try making it with a good Chardonnay, instead of vinegar, as a sauce with Monkfish. Serve with pine nuts.
10How clever are you? Put it in a jar and shake it - excellent! Done it in an old Dijon mustard jar, so even "authentic" - many thanks!
10Great help.Thanks
9Excellent, it looks almost good enough to eat.
9v good
10Fanastic! Short, Sweet and to the point!
10Superb! I used Belzu balsamic and the same brand olive oil. Deeeeelicious!!!
8clear, great pictures, easily understood Thanks
10sooooo good!! i really like it! thanks! TLC