Runner Beans

This is a slightly unusual way to prepare runner beans. A lot less boring than your steamed / boiled variety.

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400 gramsrunner beans
1 oniononion (medium size, 160g each) (160 grams)
1 rasherbacon (30 grams)
1 1/16 tablespoongoose fat (16 grams)
1/4 teaspoonsalt (2 grams)
1 1/2 teaspoondried oregano (1.5 grams)
1/8 teaspoonground black pepper (0.4 grams)
Salt content: 0.3% (by weight, not counting salt in other ingredients)


Please see the step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Recipe PhotoWash the runner beans and take the ends off ...
Recipe PhotoI use a peeler to take the sides with the stringy bits in them off. You can do that with a paring knife as well.
Recipe PhotoChop the onion - first into slices, then half the slices.
Recipe PhotoThen cut them into small strips.
Recipe PhotoPut the goose fat into a saucepan (alternatively, use some olive oil).
Recipe PhotoCut the bacon into squares.
Recipe PhotoHeat the saucepan and fry the onions together with the bacon until the onions start changing colour.
Recipe PhotoNow add the chopped beans. Add salt and pepper and the oregano. Careful with the salt as the bacon will already contain a fair amount.
Recipe PhotoStir, put the lid on and turn the heat low. The idea here is to cook the beans without adding water - there is enough moisture in them so they won't burn. The trick is not to lift the lid too often, nor to use too much heat - and to stir them once in a while. After 20 minutes, they will be done.
Recipe PhotoTastes as good as it looks!

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10Yes, very nice dish and made a lovely change from steamed. Also works with broccoli and Broccolini, full of healthy nutrients. Enjoy!
9Absolutely lovely and so simple to prepare.
10Absolutely delicious. The oregano really gives it power!
10It would really help if you gave some kind of dialets-this could be anything from an appetizer to a dessert, with the only limit being 40 minute prep time and easy . I guess I would suggest either sandwiches or a meal salad like a chef salad unless you want to do a dessert like cream pie made with instant pudding, ice cream sandwiches or fuit salad.
10Just tried this with home grown runner beans, and I have to say it tasted great. Will be cooking it many more times I m sure. Thanks.
10As boric would say very nice
10I am not a veg lover but this runner bean recipe is excellent - so tasty. I add a little garlic too.
10love it thank you
10When the kids were younger, they would only eat runner beans this way. Now the grandchildren love it as well. It smells divine and tastes scrumptious. Thank you for sharing the recipe.
8Delicious but I think I must have cooked beans too long they were a bit soggy ! I have seen similar idea using sprouts instead of beans. Great way to get reluctant veg eaters to try it!
10Wish you had a print option for just the script and without the pictures.
10how do I print this page
10Fantastic recIpe, tastes super. At the end I cook beans for only 3 mins, leave it cool down, portion it and freeze it. When defrosted, cook for further 3 mins, beans are stil crisp and flavour doesn't suffer.
10Fantastic recIpe, tastes super. At the end I cook beans for only 3 mins, leave it cool down, portion it and freeze it. When defrosted, cook for further 3 mins, beans are stil crisp and flavour doesn't suffer.
10Fantastic recIpe, tastes super. At the end I cook beans for only 3 mins, leave it cool down, portion it and freeze it. When defrosted, cook for further 3 mins, beans are stil crisp and flavour doesn't suffer.
9Tastes wonderful! Only cooked them 7 mins as I like Al Dente. Thanks for recipe
10Thank you for a fantastic recipe. I add lots of garlic and cokk only for 5 mins so the beans are crisp.
9Ecsellent- Runners Beans recipebook?
10Excellent recipe thanks a mill
7But it doesn't look good!
7something new is always of interest and very tasty
8Well presented and easy to follow. As runner beans are such a delicate flavour, they loose a lot of their appeal, when frozen to use up a harvest surplus. This could be used to perk up frozen beans.
5Sorry, but it looks awful actually , hope it tastes better..
10I'm a bacon addict so I doubled up on the bacon and threw it in first to get a bit of colour into it. It was AWESOME!!!!!!
7soomething new to try, looks good
10This was great. I think I like green beans now.
5very good thank you
10Great recipe. Works really well if you use a bean slicer/stringer gadget found at cooking shops. The best way to cut the scarlet runners we've found.
9Excellt, always looking for new ways to cook veg and this was really tasty !
8Very good recipe
9really loved it, wish I did it with panceta instead of the bacon though. So delicious!
10With my enormous harvest ,could I cook this up and freeze portions to reheat through the winter months ? It sounds so yummy ! : )
9easy to follow will try this thanks
10This sounds delitious, will also try without bacon, and after cooking add greek yougurt on. and eat cool.
10Really nice, used chorizo instead of bacon
10excellent receipe made to look easy and it was
10cooking made simple.perfect.
10The photos were very helpful and great simple instructions!
10cooking the beans for 20min is FAR too long - too soft. 5 mins is enough to keep the fresh flavour of the beans
10I added large garlic clove in with the onion - was lush.
10Looks very good. I was reading a book and the author mentioned runner beans. Had never heard of them. I'll try them someday.
10Very good. Thank you.
10Brilliant. I followed the instructions and using the photos as well, had the confidence to have a go!. Thanks a lot
9Excdellent - I really dont like beans but this was delish - thanks!
8great thanks
10I tried something the same using small cubed bits salami, it was great.
9just tried it. Used Serano ham instead of the bacon and a dded a little bit of butter at the end... Really good. Thank you...
10Really love the way it was explained and shown. Will definitively try.
8i do this with Brussell sprouts too! Delicious.